When you are seeking pain management Atlanta, a good pain management physician should always be your partner in getting you to the point where your pain is tolerable and/or alleviated.

Today, doctors are seeing more and more patients with symptoms and diseases that seem to be directly – or at least indirectly – related to stress and/or anxiety in some way.

A working label some are using for these ‘syndromes’ is adrenal fatigue (depletion / exhaustion / burn out of the adrenal gland due to stress and overwork, etc.). Not at doctors agree that adrenal fatigue is a real ‘disease’ but some do lump together stress-related conditions under this name.

Sometimes, many good and qualified Atlanta pain management doctors have a tough time overcoming stereotypes regarding Atlanta pain management clinics and pain management physicians in the Atlanta area.

Sometimes, pain management doctors are accused of being pill-pushers. Or of overusing medication to treat the symptoms of disease and illness—even those related to stress, rather than trying to alleviate the cause…stress itself.

Yet, we aren’t all like that. Good pain management specialists, especially, are starting to trend toward a more holistic or comprehensive approach to treating chronic illnesses. Part of this shift includes looking at natural or homeopathic solutions to problems as a first – or additional – line of defense.

Obviously, if we can help you treat the root cause of your symptoms, we can likely alleviate those symptoms more permanently. Yes, that may mean we lose you as a patient. But trust me, there will not ever be a shortage of patients to treat. For every one we might help ‘heal’, there are others ready and waiting to fill that void. Particularly if we can build a reputation as a ‘healer’ and not just that pill pusher, we will likely find we never have an empty office.

To that end, Holy Basil is an herb that shows great promise for balancing cortisol. This thereby decreases stress—and thus, stress-related illnesses and symptoms that may contribute to pain.

Holy Basil has been used medicinally in India for over 3,000 years and there is known as the “Queen of Herbs”.

“It has been one of India’s most important healing plants throughout history. Its other name is “Tulsi” which means “incomparable one” as according to Ayurveda, the herb also has effect on the spiritual aspects facilitating expanded states of awareness. Others call it an “elixir of life” as it promotes longevity and relaxation or a “rasayana” – a herb that nourishes a person’s growth to perfect health, both physical and spiritual. (http://naturimedica.com on benefits of Holy Basil)

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 – where we will continue to talk about how Holy Basil might improve health and even pain management!

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