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Types of Pain Treated by Atlanta Pain Doctor, Dr. Shri Parimi

Below are the Types of Pain Treated by Premier Health Care – Pain Management Atlanta – and Dr. Shri Parimi, Atlanta Pain Doctor


Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints. A joint is the area where two bones meet. There are over 100 different types of arthritis. Severe arthritis can sometimes be debilitating if not treated correctly. Let our Atlanta pain doctor help you devise an arthritis pain treatment plan that works for you and your body.


Back, neck, and shoulder pain can dramatically affect quality of life. When upper body pain keeps you from activities or your routine, it can be a major issue without care. Get treatment for back, neck, and shoulder pain now with experienced, responsible, and compassionate pain management Atlanta.


Do you have leg, knee, or hip pain when you walk, stand, or bend your legs? Is standing or walking difficult? It doesn’t always have to be that way when the leg pain is properly managed by an experienced Atlanta pain doctor such as Dr. Shri Parimi.


Do swollen, tender, crooked, or painful joints prevent you from performing routine activities? This type of continual chronic pain can be hard to live with… Let us help you reduce join pain now.


Bulging disc pain can be excruciating. Compressed discs can touch at times, creating almost unbearable pain. Not ready for surgery or already tried that but it didn’t help? We may be able to provide disc pain relief so you can get back to life.


Nerve pain and issues can be really rough to deal with if they are continual and ongoing. Sometimes nerves can even feel like they are “on fire”. This can be treated in various ways – sometimes alleviating nerve pain completely.


Treatment for migraines and tension headaches can work wonders. The pain from these headaches are hard to explain to someone who doesn’t suffer from them. Stop migraine pain now.


What if the trauma or injury is long gone but the pain isn’t? You have to find a way to deal with the prolonged injury pain so you can enjoy some quality of life. Let us help you get your life back!


When you just look at someone from behind, the spin appears straight. Scoliosis, however, is a side to side curve in the spine, often accompanied by a rotation of the vertebrae. Mild to moderate scoliosis doesn’t generally cause any big problems but a larger spine curvature can lead to muscle fatigue and sometimes, significant back pain. When scoliosis is even more severe, it can interfere with breathing and result in significant spinal arthritis.

***This list is not all-inclusive but is representative of the types of pain treated by Atlanta pain management doctor Shri Parimi and Premier Health Care.