Looking for convenient, yet effective, pain management Atlanta?

When you need an Atlanta pain doctor who is educated and available, a concierge pain management physician may be the best answer for you.

Concierge medicine is becoming more and more popular these days. Also called “Direct Medicine” it’s not really a new phenomenon…. it’s just becoming more accessible to the masses instead of only the wealthy or elite.

For the last decade or so, a concierge doctor – or “retained physician” – catered to the super-rich. A high retainer was charged in exchange for being at the beck and call of the doctor’s clientele, which was usually kept to pretty low numbers. There are stories of doctors being paid $50,000 retainers for a single individual, PER MONTH – whether they used the doctor’s services that month or not.

Of course, this type of practice could be exhausting if the physician did have a month where all his or her clients decided to take full advantage of their retainer. More often than not, however, these types of doctors made a lot of money on these retainers, had a ton of freedom (because less clients were needed), and often still billed insurance for the “meat” of the visit.

A very popular show that’s been on television for about the last six years – “Royal Pains” – centers on this kind of concierge medicine and portrays the glamour that typically went along with this type of concierge medicine practice.

Today, there are large numbers of doctors using a slightly different concierge model. These doctors often cater to a broader range of patients and the retainers are much smaller (or non-existent). If you need an Atlanta pain doctor or pain management Atlanta, a concierge doctor using this type of model may be a great option.

These “new style” concierge medicine practices will typically have a menu for services and only accept direct payment, not billing insurance at all and often, don’t even offer that option. However, by eliminating insurance filings, eliminating the need to collect copays and then re-bill the patient when the insurance doesn’t cover what was expected, and not having to deal with delinquent accounts, the concierge physician and/or practice is able to keep overhead low and thus, prices affordable. Furthermore, this usually also means they don’t need to see as many patients. This means when you need an Atlanta pain doctor or pain management Atlanta, you can usually see a concierge doctor quickly—even the same day if necessary. For chronic pain patients, you can also often get a recurring appointment, on the same day every month, with no wait.

Think a concierge practice might be right for your pain management Atlanta? Then, please reach out to Dr. Parimi, Atlanta pain doctor and concierge pain management physician in Marietta, GA today!